The Parlour team is excited to announce our salon will be re-opening on Wednesday June 17th!

We want to make sure to provide a safe, sanitized, and comfortable environment.
The following are the new procedures for the health and safety of our clients, team and community.
We will be seeing clients by appointment only. It is crucial that clients be on time for their appointment. If a client is more than 10 minutes late, we will have to reschedule the appointment and the cost of the service will be charged. Appointment time must be respected to allow service providers to have sufficient time to sanitize properly after each client. A 48-hour notice is required if the client is unable to keep the appointment or a charge for the cost of the service will be applied. This 48-hour notice is necessary to be able to serve clients on a waiting list better.
Our goal is to limit the amount of people in the salon at any given time. To ensure social distancing is observed, spacing between people in the salon will be at least six feet apart except when team members are servicing clients.
*The following price increases will be in effect when The Parlour reopens: Haircuts by $3.00. Perms, Colours & Highlights by $5.00. We have updated our pricing list to reflect this increase.*
**Blow-dry services will not be available until further notice.**


1. Wearing a face mask will be manditory, and will have to be worn the entire time you are in the hair salon. Please bring your own mask, if not, a disposable one will be provided for a fee of $2.00.
2. Arrive in clean clothing, with only your personal device and a form of payment in your possession. No bags will be allowed in the salon.
3. Please do not wear jewellery that must be removed during your service.
4. Attend appointments alone. Friends, family members, children will not be allowed to accompany you.
5. Haircut clients will be asked to arrive with clean dry hair, without any products applied. We will use a spray bottle to wet hair as needed.


1. Please disinfect your hands upon arrival at our sanitation station before entering salon.
2. Outside food and/or drinks will not be permitted in the salon. Serving beverages of any kind and magazines will be temporarily unavailable.
3. Waiting areas will no longer be available. You will be asked to wait in designated areas just before entering the salon, until your service provider is ready to serve you.
4. You will be asked to confirm that you are feeling well (no fever, cough, or difficulty breathing), and if you have been in contact with anyone who was sick, or  has confirmed Covid19 in the past 14 days. You will also be asked if you have travelled  outside of Canada in the past 14 days.

*If you answer yes to any of the above, you will asked to go home and your appointment will be cancelled.*


1. Clients will be provided with a clean cape for all services.
2. Haircolour clients will leave with wet hair, or put up, as preferred.
3. Shampoo services will be available for the purpose of removing haircolour only. At the washbasin, the team member performing the service will wear a face shield provided for additional protection.


1. If you wish to purchase Aveda product(s), the receptionist will collect the product(s) for you.
2. Please prepare to pay for service(s) and or product(s) at the designated reception area. A pin pad will be provided. If clients wish to give cash gratuities to stylist, it can be left at the stylist station.
We are taking extra precautions and are putting more rigorous cleaning and sanitizing measures in place. All team members are receiving sanitation training.


1. Wear a mask at all times.
2. Wash their hands, before and after every appointment.
3. Clean and disinfect all tools with bleach solution after every appointment.
4. Clean and disinfect their chair and station after every appointment.
5. Single use towels only.
6. Stay home if they are sick and/or not feeling well/have been in contact with someone who is sick.